“Like Jnaneshvar?”

1189“In your present situation you are man in nature, and rather than just being sort of causal about it, examine the effects of living in an environment with all these elemental presences including trees, plant life. You should also examine particularly what it is you feel about creatures in the environment such as trees, trees in particular and larger plants, vegetation that has size and age. See if you can have a feeling for what such life represents in your natural existence. What you depend upon in that relationship, what there is to acknowledge. Are the trees all like Poondi Swamis in the yard all over the place?

“Are they really like Yogis in samadhi in the yard?

massive undergrowth of tree“Are some of them oblivious? Like some yogis might be in a kind of transcendental absorption, like Jnaneshvar who died and left his body there, but it was reported that it was still full and lively in its appearance 300 years later. So are the trees like Jnaneshvar in his samadhi? Or are they more conscious, are they in samadhi and therefore not moving quickly in space and time but they are moving and changing in space and time. Looks like a very slow manner that has great survival value probably. But are they otherwise aware, not so much by having eyes in the trunk there somewhere, but for having a psychic vital energetic field in which there is consciousness in association with the environment, the equivalent of sight, hmm, audition, even thinking?

“Are trees actually persons of a very high type? As high as any human being could be by adapting to the higher possibilities of the central nervous system, just as high in that sense as great yogis, mystics, saints, sages. Perhaps there are different kinds of qualities of expression of the various realized trees. Perhaps they are all very high beings at the level of the central nervous system. You are in some sense superior to them at the level of the autonomic nervous system. Your ability to move and associate and engage in a certain kind of mind, perhaps related to that. But human beings typically however are not nearly as highly adapted at the level of the central nervous system as the trees, and as certain of their own representatives; the yogis, saints, and mystics and so forth.

“And there has always been acknowledgement by yogis and teachers and so forth of trees and the ritual and esoteric significance of trees, passing on a traditional acknowledgement of trees that is universal in any case.” – Adi Da Samraj


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One Response to “Like Jnaneshvar?”

  1. dvlagasse says:

    Mind-boggling consideration…. Trees being more advanced than man in the function of the central nervous system, a fact acknowledged by yogis and saints in India… Gives me goosebumps of wonder…. And intuitively the Truth of this….


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