Earth Forests

The terrestrial forests of the world (rainforest, boreal, montane, temperate and so on) are the primary foundation and network of life on land. Forests – indeed all plants – represent vastly more of life (biomass) on earth than all of the animals, insects, mollusks, reptiles, fish, birds and humans combined. But this is just one way of looking and talking.


Evolutionary theory (developed by humans) tells us that there are plants and there are animals, and that plants came first, and animal life came before forests, and so on. It’s a cat chasing its tail without end as new theories abound, always looking for and drawing endless distinctions and differences – to confirm what? What are we not sure of yet?


When we look at or stand within a great forest, or a humble woodland, our first best response might be that we are stilled, immersed in wonder and mystery by the diverse immensity of the life we exist within.


Rather than holding fast to notions that so-called plants and animals are different, and that animals (humans) are more important, let’s allow the ‘idea’ into our conversations that we are the same – at heart… that we are all plants, and there are all kinds of forests, including human forests. The rooted trees are our cousins, different in form and function, but of the same life and consciousness, and we are inextricably inter-dependent. As human plants we are more dependent on trees than they are on us. Cut them all down and see.


Regardless of all the science, archaeology, geology, biology, and zoology, and mostly imagined history, the fact is that we are all here right now, looking at and eating each other, destined it would seem, to eventually understand and accept each other as “not different”, and the same, at heart. This is life on earth. Neither man-made science nor religion has, or can, answer to our situation. There is a forest of life on this earth and it includes everything, more than we can ever see or know, and we are a part of it.


The dilemma we perceive when we look into a forest is entirely ours. On the side of trees there is no issue, except that we keep destroying them. But again, that’s our issue and it will not be resolved until we understand we too are plants, and that together we are a great forest rather than separate, fearful, trees.


The surface of the earth was once covered in vast tracts of tropical, boreal, montane, temperate and other forests. Much of this is now gone. There are countless small trees and shrubs, and there are also the great trees, trees so energetically powerful they help to hold the vibratory ‘fabric’ of earth-life intact. These are among the great beings of the earth and much of life revolves around them. They must be noticed, acknowledged and preserved.


We must do this.

– s.c.



One Response to Earth Forests

  1. dvlagasse says:

    Incredible, wonderful, website. I will wander through the pages of all 5 sites as if I am wandering through a rich forest of new things…


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