Adi Da’s Sacred Groves

IMG_0395The great coastal redwood trees inhabit a narrow band of the earth along the West Coast of the North American continent, stretching from the Santa Lucia Mountains of central California north to the Chetco River on the western edge of the Klamath Mountains in southern Oregon. They exist nowhere else on the planet. To the east, in the Sierra Nevadas, and in Lichuan in China, are two cousins of the redwood, the great inland sequoia and the dawn redwood, both also limited in range.

While most of humanity loves and respects trees, it is the great spiritual masters, shamans, and healers who know trees best.

From the time he was a small boy Adi Da Samraj always had a special connection with trees, as many of us did as children. In his later life he spent a great deal of time among the redwoods of California, and sometimes spoke at length about the profundity and depth of these great earth beings. You can read passages from his talks in this website.


Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world enjoy California’s redwoods each year. But very few really take them in and see them for what, and ‘who’, they are.

93c3cedae262f0cdc5d3cb5171610636I sat for hours amid the trees at Muir Woods one time, emptying out the mind of concerns and frustrations, all those ridiculous patterns of ‘me’. I took myself to the trees. People endlessly walked by on their forest hikes. My contemplative sitting seemed to bother some, others seemed curious, but I was gone with the trees drifting into ‘deeper lands’…

Most seem not to feel the trees and barely notice them. They don’t seem to connect with how old, profound, and aware some of the trees are. I assume they feel something, but it’s kind of vague.

Scientists and National Park Rangers only know so much. They know something of the coastredwoodneedlestrees, what they’ve studied or been taught. You can read up on trees in the information offices and pamphlets, but the forest are far more than that. Some facts are interesting and useful but the trees are alive, and profound. They are a different life-form. The parks just aren’t prepared to provide the experience and guidance for you to connect with the forest in ways that will truly change and connect your life.

Adi Da’s relationship with trees and what he said about them, when studied and considered, will guide you to an understanding and experience that connects you with the powerful force of the forest and its healing energy.

His relationship with trees inspired this website; and with this site I bring together here, in sacred terms, all the redwoods of the American north-west within Adi Da’s sacred purview.

massive undergrowth of treeFor Adi Da, on his behalf, and out of concern for the trees and forests I claim all the redwoods, in sacred terms, as Adi Da’s. He knew them better than any of us.

Numerous redwood groves are named after famous and wealthy people who loved and cared about them. Without those people many more redwoods might have been lost to logging by now.

One day I would like to see the establishment of at least one (hopefully more) actual living grove named in honor of Adi Da Samraj and His profound connection to trees.

Adi Da’s Sacred Groves would allow people to step into the ‘room’ of ‘his trees’, guided by his wisdom and love. The information center would provide all manner of sacred and traditional wisdom about the true culture of trees, displays of his photographic art of the redwoods, and opportunities to volunteer at the park, as well as educational events and contemplative retreats among the trees.

For the remarkable wisdom that Adi Da has given the world about trees, and non-humans, there must one day be established a redwood grove named and served in his honor.

Already there is ample material in this site to serve your connection to trees, but keep coming back as more will be added. Eventually the material here should be as rich and full as a forest full of trees and life, or close…

Tall coast redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens) in fog, Lady Bird Johnson grove. Redwood National Park, California, USA.



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