Two Birds in the Tree

trees_naitaubaA talk by Adi Da Samraj
April 28, 1996

Adi Da Samraj: There is a description in one of the old Upanishads—which I have referred to a number of times recently—of some teacher speaking to a devotee and saying, “Just imagine a tree in the midst of the woods. There are two birds in it. One of them is busy eating the fruit and the other simply stands by and witnesses.”

This is a description of the human being or the conditionally manifested, apparent individual in any form.

It is a description of the body-mind and the disposition that precedes it.

The tree is the nervous system, the spinal line, and so on.

The fruit-eating bird is the psycho-physical personality, active with its objects.

The Witness-bird is also, however, always true—even though the body-mind is active, even though the mind is moving.

You are always active as the Witness, no matter what arises.

Even now—even of attention itself—you are simply the Witness of it.


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